Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Golden Rule

My timing is awful, like the theme song to 'Saved by the bell' i often get to the bus stop to see the bus go by. I always get to the pub as everyone else is starting to get really drunk. I discover a bands debut as everyone else gets into their second. My clothes are always exactly 16 months out of fashion.

I really, really wish I'd found out about The Golden Rule at the start of the summer, when its not scorching, just nice and warm and everyone is cheered by the sun coming out. They would be an ideal accompaniment to walking a dog lazily through a nice field on a lovely warm day. Everything they do sounds like a summers day at about 7.oopm

'In a field', the lead track from their 'Golden rule' EP is really charming little love letter of a song, all lazy strums and daydream lyrics. Sun filled and politely lush. 'Something i can use' is sunny yet serious, an introspective search of a song that would still sound fantastic on a car stereo, the female/male vocals entwining gorgeously. 'Now i hear the train' is a delight, singer Charlie's voice sounding like all his influences at once, the chimey jangle underneath making the whole thing sound swimmy, like a glass of wine on a hot day.

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