Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Basia Bulat

I had a bit of a shit day at work today( i know, boohoo etc) where i had 2 hours of mania with 2 hours of calm then another two hours of mania. In the gap, i thought that 'Oh, My darling' by Busia Bulat would hit the spot very nicely. Her gorgeous voice is more white wine than honey, refined without being pretentious, somewhere between husky and silky. Her songs are folky without being away-with-the-fairies, poppy without being hook ridden, serious without being uptight, energetic without being frantic. Its a grown up record that's not afraid to finger paint.

The album begins with 'Before i knew', a veritable sorbet of a song that, at just over minute, dusts you off from that big horrible world ,and gently sits you at the table Basia's feast of cocksure folk. The subtle harmonies and hand claps steal away your troubles. Its everything that an opening song should be and was the first song on every compilation i made for a good few months. 'I was a daughter' is a clever waltzy stew, its hand claps and drums stopping you being completely washed away with the gorgeous sweep of the strings at the heart of the song. 'Snakes and ladders' is a heady, dizzy swirl of a song, somewhere between Yann Tierson's 'Amelie' soundtrack and Arcade Fire, all jerky circles and inertia addled imagery.

Along with these downloads, her myspace page is well worth a look, if just to here her heart stopping version of Daniel Johnston's 'True love will find you in the end. Her second album, 'Heart of my own' is scheduled for release next year on Rough Trade.

Before i knew

I was a daughter

Snakes and ladders

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