Friday, 31 July 2009

the seven inches

indie-mp3 records signing THE SEVEN INCHES are gamely trying to rub out the name k*i*e* c*e*f* off the Leeds map with their accomplished, whip tight indie pop. 'openness and honesty', the title track off their indie-mp3 ep, is sugar rushy indie pop which has surely been designed in a lab somewhere for the purpose of being played just as you re feeling a bit tipsy at your local indie disco. sugar rush-y, with sublime bass runs and lyrics of just the right sentiment, is self assured without showing off, peeking with a nico-in-a-cardigan chorus. great stuff.

'rowing song' is not-quite-a-minute of be shaded surf pop, it has a wonderful sixties organ riff running through it like a vein. this really wouldn't be out of place in a tarantino film.

the admiringly confident 'to boldly go' is cracking slab of riffy anything-can-happen, fuck it-ness. a real head nodding, leg pumping, swelling(gentle) call to can you not love a song that contains the lyrics 'my turn, my turn, I'm not frightened, my only drug will be excitement'? the seven inches are confident with big hearts rather than big heads. i predict a quiet riot.

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