Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Compilations-be true to your school.

'Be true to your school' is a compilation celebrating the 50 releases off the Fortuna pop! label, and a bloody belter it is too. the sleeve notes telling the funny/sad tale of how the label developed is almost worth the price of admission. be warned, it may scar and ambitions of running one yourself for life(there are some beautifully inspiring stuff there too, my favourite line is " when Amy Linton strums her guitar one-handed while blowing the trumpet i burst into tears at the sheer, sheer genius of it all". pretty hard to beat, that.)

any road,the music-oh Katrina by Tender trap sounds like the Breeders in clean knickers, Catchy Monkey by Mark 700 is a Hefner its ok to sample, Take it to fantastic by Cannonball Jane is Becks' more interesting older sister(complete with hand claps and 1,2,3,4's)and impossible not to dance too.You're the prettiest thing by the chemistry experiment is gay-indie-disco heaven, Xs and O's by the Loves is a singalonga shangra la pop a go go, Yvonne by Micktravis Dylan does the Tindersticks.
all this plus loads more and the evergreen You can hide you love forever by Comet Gain? its a winner. best listened to on the way to the beach if you don't know what the weathers going to be like.

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