Monday, 1 November 2010

Johnny Reb

And so the cold blows of winter bring paranoia and the blackest of clouds to the little island of indiepop. The wisest elders of a certain forum busy themselves creating signs reading 'THE END IS NIGH', with the letters done in glittery stickers while the kids shrug their shoulders, log off, and go see another new band at another indiepop gig. And so the circle repeats itself.

Meanwhile, Glasgow's Johnny Reb (not, hopefully, to be confused with racist rant rockers Johnny Rebel. 'Keep the hate alive' indeed) sun themselves in Portugal between spats of dream-come-true recording with Morrissey right hand of the stage man Boz Boorer. Unsurprisingly under such tutorage, the band do a very, very good line in high brow rock n roll. He has also managed the near impossible task of pining down a red hot live band on to vinyl without losing anything in the transition. This is a band that may just make you swap your cords for turned up 501's.

Those of you expecting a skiffley racket or a dozen rehashed 'Certain people i know's will be disappointed, but everyone else will be very impressed by the way the music clicks together, its the sort which can bring a gig heart pumpingly to life in an instant. "You'll listen if you care and care if you listen" they wrote in their press ganging email/death threat and on both counts they stand absolutely correct.

In songs like the whip-snappingly wirey 'Emile(part one)' and the heart gladdening 'A year to the shadows', Johnny Reb create a world where the poets meet the greasers down town and raise a broken glass to love, hate and the muse.

You only have to listen to the Boz featured 'Crumbs' to hear how confident, competent and complete Johnny Rebs sound is and that (as the pop kid portents of doom will tell you) is something to celebrate.

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