Tuesday, 10 August 2010

WeePop! Goodness

Its incredibly hard for me to write about WeePop! records without turning into a big ball of orange juicy goo. I love this label. WeePop! are almost single handedly responsible for restoring my faith in the whole notion of record labels. No mean feat. Here are a few reasons why they are so amazing-

*Every time a new release, its like getting an early Xmas present. The care and attention to detail is a joy and an inspiration.

*The vinyl always smells really nice.

*I always imagined, for some reason, Camilla being this kind of Indie lady Penelope figure. Incredibly, shes actually cooler in real life.


There is a couple of new WeePop! releases. Both are one of those lovely 3", 4 track jobs.

First up is 'Keep a secret' by Let's Whisper. Its lead track, 'California Girls' is almost like an indiepop version of the Katy Perry track. With busy drums replacing bikini tops and lovely, dry harmonies replacing auto tune, this is a track that should be on YOUR summer compilation cassette, whatever the weather.

Second is 'By the Shore' by Stars of Aviation. 'Underneath the Elms' is a trumpet lead daydream of a record. A mix of The Felt Tips and The Understudies, its sincere vocal is wonderfully set off by the aforementioned horns, understated drums and lovely chimey guitars.

Go and by these records. Trust me, i sniff vinyl.


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