Saturday, 3 July 2010


Cherubic Madrid three piece Zipper are a band that reminds you why you got into indiepop in the first place. Full of limitless energy and lemonade fizz, their songs are inspiring and honest. You can dance to all of them too. Beware, this band will give you an irresistible urge to hit the town.

Pick of the bunch song wise is the heart hugging 'Badge'. After the insular drama of the verse comes the most uplifting chorus this side of Big Star. An ode to forming a band ("honey honey you play guitar, honey honey i'll sing the main part, it will be our band, our band"), it quite near over brims with romance and joie de vivre. I cant think of a way to make this chorus anymore perfect.

The poppy punk of 'Friday Night' has the rare ability to make me feel fifteen. Its full of the vigour and wonder of being young, a bit drunk and a bit stupid. Its like a drinking song for the permanently romantic.

As a campanion piece 'Sunday Morning' is the flip side of the extrovert Friday night dancer. "would you like to stay with me and watch cartoons until the night?".

Not half