Monday, 12 July 2010


Get a load of this for a story-there is a married couple, from Denver right? And one day they decide to buy themselves a boat, and in this boat they sail around the North Atlantic for eight months. Now, as you can imagine, they rather want to keep a log of their adventures. But instead of keeping a diary, they start writing songs- and thus Tennis are born. Wow.

Wow indeed. The songs are amazing. Catchy, gentle and with plenty of swing. Its the thinking persons surf music. Its the thinking persons surf music.

Imagine, if you will, a captains log read out by the prettiest voice you can dream up. 'Marathon' is a Shoo-Wop-wop ditty that would not sound out of place at the Enchanted Under the Sea dance. Its chorus is both crush inducing and seriously addictive. Its just lovely. It will hook you like an anchor.

TENNIS - Bimini Bay 6.5.10 from Scott Laidlaw on Vimeo.

'Baltimore' is a slightly spikier affair. Awash with pounding, Mersey beat drums and tangy guitar, and melted toffee vocals.

'South Carolina' is girl group pop for the sophisticate. Its just the right side of saccharine.

Tennis make music that's fascinating, intelligent, sweet and fun. Why cant i find a girl like that??

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