Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Best Coast

When i was a young 'un, like most pseudo-creative people my age i used to enjoy smoking pot. I was never a fan of the locking ourselves in a room playing computer games until the air grows so think we pass out school of caning. What i did enjoy, however, was wondering round in a pleasantly day dreamy fug, watching the world sunnily go by and thinking of that special someone. Good days.

Days that Bethany Consetino and Bob Bruno of La's Best Coast have captured with some aplomb in their garagey-surfy-girl-pop gone bad. But dont be mistaken, this is not stoner rock, more pop for stoners.

You can almost smell the rizla in 'The sun was high(so was i)', a daydream of a song that circles the beauty and romance of "watching cars go by" and wears it like a badge. A fuzzy, Supremes gone garage-pop. Its like a crystallized version of being 17 on a summers day.

'Make you mine' is classic 'why wont he love me?' 60's girl pop in dirty tights. Its hand claps add to the song like cute earring on a pretty girl.

Like a dreamier take on the Breeders 'Do you love me now?', 'When im with you' is a cute, thrashy song that can make the words "when im with you/i have fun" sound like the most romantic, most important words ever uttered. Perfect.

download the sun was high(so was i) here-

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