Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Evans the Death

(pic copyright Laura McCluskey 2009)

You know how the Internet is. Full of malicious rumours and untruths about the world of pop and the musicians there in. Take, for example, Evans the Death. Reading about them online would have you believe that they have just finished their G.C.S.E's. The idea that songs this accomplished, wise and wonderful could be created by people younger than Peaches Geldof is ludicrous.

Hailing from the unlikely twin stars of Clapham and Chelmsford, they wear their 80's jangle pop hearts on their sleeves. Their blood has the rich tones of The Sea Urchins and , in particular, The Field Mice running warmly through it. They are, in short, the best C86 band you've never heard.

'Sleeping Song' sounds like it came down fully crafted from some kind of indiepop heaven. Its instantly catchy (i genuinely found myself humming it puting out the washing on the line) and teaming with quotable lines. Any song with a chorus containing the line 'its something or other o'clock in the morning' is one to cherish. By the time Katherine Whitaker sigh-sings "Now i think i have missed my bus again" you will be powerless to swooning.

'Im So Unclean' is the kind of song the goes POW! and explodes into your heart. Garage punk/power pop with ethereal vocals. It pounds and throbs and moves your feet almost as much as it moves your heart. You will pogo with a lump in your throat. Very special indeed.

The pure, silver jangle of 'Morning Voice' is like an old folk song gone C86 ballad gone post punk. "when you melt me with your bedroom eyes". Quite.

This really is a band to dream about and fall in love with. Im quite taken.


Dan from the band has been lovely enough to give us all a free down load 'Im so unclean' which can be found here- http://www.mediafire.com/file/2ljyyjtd44y/MP3 2_ i_m so unclean mastered-1.mp3

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