Saturday, 6 March 2010

First Aid Kit

With an opening salvo such as "We aim for the hearts, not the charts!", you would be forgiven for falling in love with First Aid Kit without even hearing them. Your ears, however, are in for a real treat.

Hailing from Stockholm, you would however be forgiven for thinking they are actually from somewhere in South USA. Its the kind of two voice-two guitar (or uke or banjo) music that fills venues and souls in the same way that, say, Gillian Welch does. Folky with a very slight sleepy haze, the young ladies blend harmonies that ring true around dwarf the sum of their parts. Delicate without being dainty, its a sound as smooth as glass.

'Hard Believer' as pretty enough little strum along then without warning, around the minute, it drops down a little with the downbeat 'love is rough/time is tough' refrain the suddenly SOARS out of the blimmin room with its harmonal blend. Its enough to send your daydreams into the stratosphere. Heatstoppingly lovely. it makes the coda 'its one life/and its this life/and its beautiful' make so much sense.

'Tiger Mountain Peasant Song' is snow pure song with really, really brave vocals that could fall flat on their arses in over hands and in other songs. But here, it triumphs.

'Winter Is All Over You' is a testing yet lovely little lament that could melt bronze at fifty paces. Soft as lace and tough as leather.

I'm really quite pissed off i didn't get off my arse and see this pair live. They would be small venue heaven.

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