Thursday, 11 February 2010

Young Michelin

From Aline, France (no me neither) Young Michelin are the sound of young France and joyous it is too. Their songs a full of cleanly crunchy guitars and poppy rhythms punctuated by tasteful stabs of effect pedals. All this is under pinned by vocals that sound Fonz cool even in (because they are in?) French.

'Les Copains' strokes the ears and the spine like a Joy Division shandy. An instrumental that could be a the theme tune from a programme about a boy and his dog who are stuck in 1979, its a very good indicator of the great skill in their playing and clever production.
'Je suis fatigue' is catchy as fuck. All quietly fuzzy guitars, punchy drums and hooky, teenage-dreams chorus, its what Big Star would sound like if they were French.
A brilliantly executed 'Obscene' combines the new wave with the old with verve and vigour. Smart.


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