Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Melting Ice Caps-Free download single


'Our Lovely Afternoon' is the new single from London band The Melting Ice caps. Full of gorgeous piano and sweeping strings in front of sophisticated beat, the track boasts a beautiful vocal and a stirring lyric. Soaked through with melodrama, the track has classic air to it, whilst somehow pulling off the trick of sounding modern and ancient at the same time. Its one of those that gets better with repeated listening. Ambitious and charming, its well worth your attention.

On the flip is 'Ohio', a much more upbeat, softer song. Its a breezy little number that recalls 80's pop such as ABC, particularly in its brilliantly executed little chorus. Its full of imagination and clever little twists.

Both the above can be downloaded for free (complete with art work) from here-


  1. Hi Shaun

    Thanks very much for the lovely review. It's appreciated.

    Just one thing - I don't think the songs are downloadable on Myspace, but they definitely are available from our website:

    Best wishes

    The Melting Ice Caps

  2. Oooooops, sorry david, and thanks for picking me up on that small, yet important fact. youre a good man.