Friday, 22 January 2010

French Kissing

Calm down, sadly, this is not a post about the art of the 'tongue sandwich', although that is of course a fine activity i hope you have tried. Ive even had go myself with the assistance of some very nice and sympathetic young ladies. No, this is a post about a new band from London who are 'new wave' in the sense is their music is surfy.

Soon to be released 7" 'oh Suzanne' (on Sleep All Day records), is joyful little twist of song. Like a skunky, zesty Beach Boys. Its a curious tune that could have been just as easily written in 1960 as today, with its clappy, choppy rhythm and restrained chorus that doesn't go down 'La-la-la' road, even though the melody is straining to do so.
'I would let you know' is even more exciting, i really chunky cut of garage rock that sounds like about 23 great bands at the same time. Its the sort of song that comes out of one of those hand held transistors they have on 60's films. Rollickingly good stuff.

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