Monday, 28 December 2009

Standard Fare-Fifteen

Ah teenage angst. Mistakes, mis-shapes, love, lust and longing. Hope, Harp lager and heartache. 'Fifteen' is the new 45 by Brilldream faves Standard Fare, and not since the days of Kenicke has the whole love bites-under-pop-posters period been so roundly represented.

Though less catchy than its predecessor, 'Dancing', A-side 'Fifteen' is more of a dancer. You can expect some spilled beer when this one is performed live. Imagine a little sister to 'Once and never again' by the Long Blondes', its a lay to the bewildering confusion of young lust. This ones a grower. Expect to be humming it when you least expect it.

On the flip is 'Understand', a tender, reflective strummer. And a pretty little posie it is too. Dedicated to the young, foolish and poetic, i think everyone will fall for the line "When we meet in the park every week/i say 'i love you', you say you love me too/its what i most want to hear/more than anyone anywhere". Oddly, its when Standard Fare sound at their youngest is where they are at their most mature. i can almost taste the Merrydown...

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