Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Pieces

You know how sometimes you want to listen to something thats not trying to blow you away, or be too tricksy, have chorus's that hook into your head? You want to listen something thats subtle buts substantial? Good and, well, NICE? The now defunct Pieces are(were)from Indiana and feature a pre Some Girls Heidi Gluck. I re found their CD (purchased of a merch store when they supported Evan Dando on his solo tour a few years back) while looking for a jumper recently, and was warmed through by its sunny, uncomplicated, breezy harmonious little pop songs. 'Lauren' is , you sense, a bitter sweet little tale of an ex girlfriend written by songwriter Vess Ruhtenberg but sung by Gluck. This is worth a listen just to hear the way she pronounces 'Jarvis Cocker'. It does something odd to me. 'Good question' is a public musing with a melty-warm little chorus, a soothing song that would sound perfect on compilation made to drink wine too. 'Soda machine' is proper pop like they used to make it. All chordy and would go down a treat in a car on the way to the seaside. Good old fashioned songwriting. The CD is pretty hard to pin down, but not half as hard as trying to find any bloody information about the band.

The wait

Good question

soda machine

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