Friday, 3 July 2009

The felt tips

Glasgow four piece the felt tips make lovely, light, slightly skiffley songs which are as fresh as a pint of cold milk(in an old pinta bottle). I’m loath to do it, but its impossible not use the word ‘jangly’ to describe them.
Their songs a full of world weariness, whether describing the disappointment of a visit to London(‘bought and sold’) or the heartache of growing up in ‘not tonight’(‘someday you will learn sex is awkward and real and not how quite how you fantasised, yes you're in for a surprise’). grown up and serious without being sulky, they give off a certain charm. You feel yourself cheering on the hero of the songs, despite his/her inevitable rush to nowhere.
‘treat me gently’ is particular treat, an anthem of sexual awkwardness with lyrics (imagination was enough for me before,/til you dropped your knickers on my bedroom floor/and you stood their naked in my cold untidy room/ in between my indecision and the door’)worthy of a certain mr.cocker( Jarvis not joe).

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