Monday, 6 July 2009

Camera Obscura

I'm saddened to hear about the current trend of people knocking Camera Obscura, calling them bored and lifeless. for gods sake give them a break. not only have they just signed a very important record deal, they've also just toured their arses off in as many countries as you can shake a swan at, and on top of that, they've received some pretty grim personal news. they've also just announced ANOTHER 60-odd dates in half a dozen countries. come on, look how many people moan on their myspace about how they never tour 'their' country. they are doing their best to rectify that. this is Camera Obscura we're talking about here. if you've heard them, you already love them. they are one of the loveliest,most unique bands on the circuit. they've remained true to their music and image all the way thought their career. They are very precious, and we should be supporting them now more than ever.

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